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Faseko Limited
Eastgate Industrial Estate
Moorside, Colchester CO1 2TJ

Fleet & Trade Services

Faseko is a proud member of the Anglian ARC Group, providing a nationwide accident management and vehicle repair service for car, van and lorry fleets.

Our Accident Management service can save you money!

Fleet insurance can be expensive, and increase dramatically with a history of claims. However, our Accident Management plan is designed to reduce your insurance claim exposure in the event of an accident, thereby minimising the effect it has on your premium next time you renew your insurance policy.

3rd Party Intervention

By calling Anglian ARC first, you give us the opportunity to approach 3rd parties on your behalf. We can then arrange courtesy vehicles and progress their repairs too, speeding the process and giving you the opportunity to settle simple damage claims. Claims are processed quickly and efficiently, keeping insurance payouts down and reducing the impact incidents have on your renewal premiums.

All at no cost to you!

24/7 Accident Helpline

If one of your drivers is involved in an accident, with one call to our 24/7 Accident Helpline on 0800 542 0300 the whole process will be taken care of, regardless of blame and where they are in the country. We'll arrange roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, replacement vehicles, all repairs and provide full claim management.

Speed is the key - because we are the repairers, and we manage the claim and carry out the repair, we are able to fast-track the repair approval process. Plus our streamlined claims management means your vehicles are back on the road, repaired professionally and efficiently, which keeps costs down, and also reduces vehicle hire costs. We also provide free estimates, and give you the option to pay for smaller repairs direct, thereby not affecting your insurance renewal.

Anglian ARC gives you one single point of contact through which to liaise with your broker, the repairer, your insurer and the 3rd party. We ensure everything runs smoothly, and any potential issues are addressed and dealt with before they become a problem.

The work we do compliments your broker; it makes his life easier!

Welcome Pack

To help you implement our scheme we provide all of your drivers with a Driver Information pack, which includes:

  • Tax disc holder with emergency contact details
  • Incident Advice
  • Accident Report Form

Like-For-Like Replacement Vehicles

Having a fleet vehicle off the road costs money, that's why Anglian ARC provides same-day replacement vehicles. In addition, for commercial fleets we will provide a working vehicle (typically transit-sized), and we will always go that extra mile to assist our customers who have more specialist requirements.

Liveried Vehicles?

No problem! We specialise in graphics. Any vehicle repaired by Anglian ARC will have all liveries, logos and graphics fully restored.


Our Express Repair Service provides a fast and cost-effective means to remove dings, dents and scratches, meaning you do not get penalised for the cost or repairs by the lease company.

We also offer a professional alloy wheel refurbishment service. An ideal way to add value to a vehicle you may be selling too!

Email us on to apply for your welcome packs, or call us on 0800 542 0300 to find out more.

Your vehicle, your choice.

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